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Many countries have set technical indexes on all kinds of products from safety, energy efficiency and environmental-friendly in order to catch up with international standards.

PSE certification is Japanese mandatory security certification with a purpose to prove products have passed DENAN Law of Japan or security standards tests of international IEC standards. DENAN Law has regulated that there are 498 kinds of products should pass security certification before entering into Japanese market. Among those products, 165 kinds of products with category A should acquire rhombic PSE mark, and the rest 333 kinds with category B should acquire round PSE mark.

Rhombic PSE mark

Round PSE mark


Since April, 4th, 2001, DENTORL has officially renamed as DENAN. The new system will exclude its products safety confirmation to unofficial institutes which was different from originally controlled by regulation system.

Japanese purchasers should submit registration to METI in a month since the purchasing date. All electrical and electronic products sold in Japanese market should pass PSE certification as long as the product is in DENAN span. DENAN has separated electrical and electronic products into two categories: specified products, 115 kinds; non-specified products, 338 kinds. Specified products should conduct detection on products and factory test-used equipments through third-party institutes authorized by Japan. After successfully passing the detections, PSE certificate will be issued and the validity term is between 3 to 7 years. At the same time, products should be labeled with rhombic PSE mark. Non-specified products should prove their conformity by self-examination and declaration. At the same time, products should be labeled with round PSE mark.

Factory check in PSE certification

Detection institute will conduct factory auditing on manufacturers before certificate issuing. Battery chargers will be allowed to use PSE mark and detection institutes mark once the detection and factory check are qualified. It is required that all products should conduct detection. However, detection items vary form products kinds. Generally speaking, detection items are high-voltage test and earthing continuity protection test.

Certificates validity term is 3 years.

It is regulated that Japanese purchasers should submit registration to MRTI in a month since the purchasing date. In the meantime, purchasers names or IDs should be labeled on the products in order to make it convenient for future surveillance management during the sales process.

Japanese importers should shoulder all security responsibility for imported products according to Material Safety Laws. Therefore, it is necessary for importers keeping detection reports and products inspection records. Importers can also check products inspection records through Internet.

1. (Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law)

2. (Enforcement Ordinance of Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law)

3. (Enforcement Regulations of Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law)

4. (Explanation on Type Classification)


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