Syria COC/VOR Certification

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1. Syria certification introduction

Syria certification can be separated into 2 parts: one is COC certification (Certificate of Conformity), the other is VOR certification (Validation Opinion Report).

Since Sep, 1st, 2010, Syria has strengthened bilateral trade communication and cooperation with China by permitting parts of controlled products entering into Syria domestic market. It is required that all those products entering into Syria should conduct COC and VOR.

According to the cabinet documents, No. 954/1 and No. 4113/1, issued respectively on Feb, 4th, 2009 and on May, 21st, 2009, SASMO will conduct a scheme that contains products detection of COC and VOR since Feb, 4th, 2009. In this products scheme, all products in Syria conformity evaluation controlled span should receive detection in import countries in order to make sure those products’ conformity to SS or other authorized international standards.

2. Controlled products exporting to Syria include:

Toys and parenting products;

Electrical and electronic products;

Vehicles and components;

Construction tools and equipments;

Chemical and household products.

3. Purpose of this scheme

This scheme was designed for following goals:

Avoid unqualified products importing into Syria and protect public health, safety and environment from being damaged;

Prevent illegal products and dangerous items entering into Syria.

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