South Africa NRCS Certification

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National Regulator of Compulsory Specification used to be the supervision department of SABS. It is responsible for products consistency certificate issuing after its certification that the products conform to compulsory requirements. SABS was created for the purpose as a standard department with its duties as standards formulating, products testing, products testing or issuing. Although NRCS used to be under the control of SABS, it is now a newly-founded independent department.

NRCS conducts management over on-road, off-road and special vehicles according to compulsory regulations. At the same time, it will carry out supervision over vehicle accessories. All standards are similar with ECE regulations of the UN. NRCS is delegated by Transportation Department, responsible for supervision applying on technical requirements of all vehicles. At the same time, it plays the role as a supervision department for manufactures and importers.

NRCS certification procedure


* Agent: permanent residency in South Africa; can be either natural person or company; agent should be assembled with relevant knowledge about regulations and compulsory standards and is capable to finish this task;

* MIB registration (manufacture, importer, builder): MIB registration on Transportation Department at provincial level should be completed first by agent;

* Certification application: after the acquisition of MIB registration certificate, apply 60 days (this term can be shortened) in advance to NRCS for certification application;

* LOA certificate (Letter of Authority): after the products are assembled with SABS certificate, local agent information should be offered to South Africa. Thus, LOA (Letter of Authority) will be sent to agent by the government. Clients are only allowed to enter into the South Africa market by this time.

Material need to be submitted in NRCS

Application form, prototype, detection report or E-mail certificate (if any)

l Manufacturer name or importer name (if any)

l Maintenance records of detection and testing machine

l Time when starts certification

l Time when detection can start after the prototype has been delivered

l Time when the targeted vehicle start to sale in South Africa market

l Linkman’s name and telephone

l Provided with qualified reports

For detailed information:

Tel: 0571-28102211; 0571-28102202; 0571-28102203

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Fax: 0571-28102201

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