Guideline for filling-up the electronics products application form

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a) Separate application for registration shall be required to be submitted for each product by a manufacturing unit producing goods (applicant). In case more model/design of product is required to be added, same can be included subsequently in existing registration certificate.

b) The duly filled application should be signed by the CEO of the manufacturing unit or by the representative authorized by him. Authorization letter duly signed by CEO of firm for authorized person (employee of manufacturing unit) shall be submitted.

c) Ensure filling in complete addresses of office and factory. Any change in the address(es) shall be immediately intimated to BIS with documents in support of new address(es).

d) Clearly indicate related Indian Standard and its model(s) for which registration is sought.

e) In case the information submitted by the applicant along with the application is found to be incorrect, at any time, the application is liable to be rejected.

f) For documents in language other than Hindi / English, a translation in Hindi / English should also be provided (duly certified).

g) No column of application shall be left blank.

Nomination of Indian Representative (in case of foreign manufacturer):

The specimen of nomination form is available on the homepage of BIS web-site under ‘Electronics and Information Technology Goods

(Requirements for Compulsory Registration) Order, 2012……….’. It should be furnished on the manufacturer’s letter-head. It should be signed by the CEO of the manufacturer or his authorized representative and also by the Indian Representative along with his contact details. Any change in authorized Indian Representative should be informed to BIS immediately, along with fresh nomination. Only one person can be nominated by the applicant. The Indian Representative should have all information related to the grant of BIS registration to the manufacturer, which, on request, he ought to be in a position to provide to BIS. In the absence of such Indian Representative, or non-compliance of the provisions of the BIS Act, 1986 and the Rules and Regulations framed there-under, and the terms and conditions of the licence by such authorized Indian Representative of the manufacturer, the application is liable to be rejected and the registration if granted, shall be put under stop marking and processed for cancellation.

Process Flow-chart:

Process Flow-chart shall include complete manufacturing process (from procurement of components to storage of finished product) along with clear identification of stages at which intermediate control checks are made to ensure conformity of the product to the relevant Indian Standard. The activities, being outsourced (if any) shall also be highlighted along with details of the process(es) outsourced, if any.

Manufacturing Facilities:

The details of manufacturing machinery & the activities being outsourced shall be highlighted with details of outsourcing.

Testing Facilities:

The details of test equipments as per prescribed format of application shall be furnished.

Independent Test Reports:

The test reports from BIS recognized laboratory, showing conformity of the product to the relevant Indian Standard, shall be attached with the application. The test reports shall not be older than 90 days of issue of lab and shall be evaluated before submission



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