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The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is the national Standards Body of India working under the aegis of Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public DistributionGovernment of India.

Indian local regulations

1.   The oversea manufacturers should set the liaison office or branch in Indian after get the approval of reserve Bank of India. And the liaison office or branch should abide by all the rules and regulations of BIS.

2. Indian has signed a memorandum of BIS rules and regulations, punishment regulations with the related countries.

3. The manufacturers should appoint an authorized agency to abide by the rules and regulations of BIS1986 behalf of them.


ISI certification mark


  1. Textile
  2. Chemicals and pesticides
  3. Cement and concrete
  4. Metal products and imitation metal products
  5. Mechanical equipment
  6. Electrical and electronics and optical equipment
  7. Auto spare parts
  8. Agricultural products, food, drink and tobacco
  9. Leather
  10. Wood
  11. Paper and paper pulp products
  12. Test equipments
  13. Construction material
  14. Pumping water, irrigation, drainage and sewage system

Certification mode:

BIS products certification mode is the BIS office inspects and evaluates the  quality management system and the related products samples of the application manufacturer , and issues the certificates for the conformity products manufacturers, the manufacturers with the certificates should supervise and sampling test the products from the factory and market to check if the products conform to the India standards.

Certification procedure

1. Application. The oversea manufactures apply for the BIS certification should submit  the specific application form and the related documents to the HQ of BIS New Delhi.

2. Record. BIS audits the application form and the related documents, in case the documents is complete and conformity, the related application will be recorded by BIS. And the applicant shall pay the related application fees.

3.Initial factory inspection. BIS office appoint auditors (not more than two) to the factory for the factory inspection. And the applicants should afford the related auditors  travel and visa fees.

4.Certificate issue. In case of the initial inspection and test results both conformity, and the applicants agree to execute the BIS recognized inspection test scheme after get the certificate, and pay the BIS marking fees, then BIS will issue the related certificate for the applicants. The validity period of certificate is one year, and the licensee should pay for the marking and certificate annual fees every year.

5. Inspection after certification .BIS supervise the quality of certificated products by licensee regular supervision and product sampling inspection and case the samples inspection meet the related requirements,the certificates could be renewal.the licensee could apply for the renewal with the specific forms and the renewal fees is 500 Indian rupees.the licensee should also bear the sample test fees.

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