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Job functions: English Translator (Recruiting numbers2

Job Responsibilities:

- Be able to translate all kinds of company documents correctly and timely

- Company projects documents translation

- Need to communicate with foreign clients directly

- Assist the project engineer to operate the project


-Age 20-28,good personal appearance,Mandarin fluency

- Bachelor degree or above ,English level 8 or above,Intermediate translators or above

- Good writing skills;

- Serious and responsible、 stability,patiently;

- With the good professional spirit and team cooperation spirit.

- give priority to major in mechanical electronics or good at English

this position need to communicate with foreigners directly,so the candidates without a good English oral ability please do not apply.

(Excellent graduating student also can be considered)

Job functions: English translators( Recruiting numbers2 )

Job functions: Project engineer Recruiting numbers2

Job Responsibilities:

- making the test plan as per the clients requirements and related rules.

- guide and assist the clients for products data preparation and application;

- perform the specific projects on site witness test and prepare the technical report by the guidance of related experts or projects managers.

- self development in the specific laws and regulation scope

- complete other related work which arranged by department managers

Job requirements:

- Bachelor degree or above ,major in automobile or Machinery and electronics;

-  With the related experience about Automobile or Machinery and electronics more than 2 years.

- With good communication skills and patiently.

- Good ability of learning and self development;

- English level 4 or above,good English comprehensive abilities.

-Excellent graduating student also can be considered

if you have intention, please sent your recent photos and English&Chinese resume to 该E-mail地址已受到防止垃圾邮件机器人的保护,您必须启用浏览器的Java Script才能看到。 ;

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