India ISI Steel certification standards

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1. IS 15391

Cold Rolled Non-Oriented Electrical Steel Sheet and Strip - Semi-Processed Type

2. IS 3024

Grain orinted electrical steel sheets and strips

3. IS 2062

Hot Rolled Medium and High Tensile Structural Steel

4. IS 649

Methods for testing steel sheets for magnetic circuits of power electrical apparatus

5. IS 11513

Hot-rolled carbon steel strip for cold rolling purposes specification

6. IS 2830

Carbon steel cast billet ingots,billets,blooms and slabs for re-rolling into steel for general structural purposes – Specification

7. IS 648

Cold rolled non-oriented electrical steel sheet and strip - Fully processed type

8. IS 2831

Carbon Steel Cast Billet Ignots, Billets, Blooms and Slabs for Re-rolling into Low Tensile Structural Steel

9. IS 277

Galvanized Steel Sheets (Plain and Corrugated)

10. IS 2041

Steel Plates for Pressure Vessels Used at Moderate and Low Temperature


11. IS 8329

Centrifugally Cast (Spun) Ductile Iron Pressure Pipes for Water, Gas and Sewage


12. IS 429

Methods for testing weight and uniformity of coatings on galvanized iron and steel wires and steel sheets


13. IS 513

Cold reduced low carbon steel sheets and strips


14. IS 1079

Hot Rolled Carbon Steel Sheet and Strip


15. IS 1663

Method for tensile testing of steel sheet and strip of thickness 0.5 mm to 3 mm


16. IS 1663 PART 2(第二部分)

Tensile testing of steel sheet and strip: Part 2 Steel, sheet and strip of thickness above 3 mm

钢板钢带拉伸试验:第二部分 厚度超过3mm的钢板钢带

17. IS 1692

Method for simple bend testing of steel sheet and strip less than 3 mm thick


18. IS 1756

Methods of modified Erichsen cupping test for steel sheet and strip


19. IS 2314

Steel Sheet Piling Sections


20. IS 2385

Hot-Rolled Mild Steel Sheet and Strip in Coil Form for Cold-Reduced Tinplate and Cold-Reduced Black plate


21. IS 3747

Hot rolled steel plates and sheets for flanging and pressing


22. IS 3972 PART 1: SEC 1

Methods of test for vitreous enamelware: Part 1 Production of specimens for testing, Section 1 Enamelled sheet steel

测试玻璃状搪瓷器皿方法:第一部分 试验试样的制备, 第一节 瓷漆钢板

23. IS 4943

Assessment of butt and fillet fusion welds in steel sheet, plate and pipe


24. IS 5522

Stainless steel sheets and strips for utensils


25. IS 6240

Hot Rolled Steel Plate (up to 6 mm) Sheet and Strip for the Manufacture of Low Pressure Liquefiable Gas Cylinders


26. IS 6911

Stainless steel plate, sheet and strip


27. IS 9442

Hot rolled steel plates, sheets and strips for manufacture of agricultural tillage discs


28. IS 9485

Cold-reduced and hot-rolled carbon steel sheet for porcelain enamelling


29. IS 12093

Code of practice for laying and fixing of sloped roof coverings using plain and corrugated galvanized steel sheets


30. IS 15914

High Tensile Strength Flat Rolled Steel Plate (Up To 6 mm), Sheet and Strip for the Manufacture of Welded Gas Cylinder


31. IS 15961

Hot Dip Aluminium-Zinc Alloy Metallic Coated Steel Strip and Sheet (Plain)


32. IS 15965

Pre-painted Aluminium Zinc Alloy Metallic Coated Steel Strip and Sheet (Plain)


33. IS 15997

Low Nickel Austenitic Stainless Steel Sheet and Strip for Utensils and Kitchen Appliances – Specification


34. IS/ISO 16160

Continuously Hot-Rolled Steel Sheet Products - Dimensional and Shape Tolerances


35. IS/ISO 16162

Continuously cold-rolled steel sheet products - Dimensional and shape tolerances


36. IS/ISO 16163

Continuously Hot-Dipped Coated Steel Sheet Products - Dimensional and Shape Tolerances



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