Australia GMES Certification

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GMES certification introduction:

GEMS is short for Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards which was issued by Australia and New Zealand for the purpose of improving energy utilization efficiency of products. And it was taken into effect on 1st, Oct, 2012. New GEMS regulations have not only include main policies of the old one, such as Minimum Energy Performance Standards (short as MEPS), ERLS, E3, but also expand the span of energy efficiency to include reducing greenhouse gases emission and promoting utilization efficiency, at the same time, providing manufactures and customers with some advice on the minimum cost of the entire product and therefore they can make the most excellent decision. Since 1st, Oct, 2012, Energy Efficiency MEPS Certification has been replaced with Energy Efficiency GEMS Certification by Australia and New Zealand. And the transition period is from 1st, Oct, 2012 to 30th, Sep, 2013. To the products applied for MEPS certification during the transition period, it is allowed to change into GEMS certification for free. And MEPS certification would not be accepted after the transition period.

GEMS certification is compulsory. Assembled with GEMS certification and applicants should be companies registered in Australia, only in those two conditions can products in control be sold in market.

Surveillance span:

So far, GEMS certification controlled products are as follows: compact fluorescent bulbs/low voltage converter/double-capped fluorescent lamps/fluorescent lamp ballast/lamp/washing machine/dryer/dish machine/external power/STB, electronic heater, air conditioner and heat pump/three-phase motor/household refrigerating appliances, cooling tower/CRAC/commercial refrigerator/showcase/distribution transform.

Certification procedure:

GEMS certification is separated into two parts:

First, choose products for detection. Detection standards are the same with origin MEPS certification. Generally speaking, certification can be obtained with detection report provided by laboratories authorized by ISO 17025.\


The new GEMS certification has new requirements on the registration part. Applicants can not choose a single state to conduct registration. To the contrary, all applicants should conduct registration at Australian Regulator. Registration fees vary from products’ kinds and the term of validity is 5 years. For more information about GEMS regulations, please click

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