South Africa LOA Certification

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l South Africa certification introduction

LOA is short for Letter of Authority, served as the management department supervisor of NRCS and responsible for certificate issuing.

On Aug, 18th, 2003, South Africa government communiqué 25306 declared the special requirements on power cable of low and medium pressure by issuing official announcement, R1164 and R1165.

On Feb, 6th, 2009, South Africa government communiqué 25306 declared the compulsory security standards on electronic products by issuing official announcement, R89. All the products on the compulsory list, only under the condition that their manufacturer and exporter both assembled with LOA certificate can the products be permitted to enter into South Africa market.

l Part of the compulsory standards

a) SANS IEC 60335 – Safety of household appliances, e.g. Kettles, irons, stoves, refrigerators, commercial catering equipment, etc.

b) SANS IEC 60065 – Safety of audio-visual equipment and similar electronic apparatus, e.g. TV’s, VCR’s, Hifi’s, radios, etc.

c) SANS IEC 61029 – Safety of transportable motor-operated electrical tools, e.g. Circular saws, grinders, etc.

d) SANS IEC 60745 – Safety of hand-held motor-operated tools, e.g. Drills, sanders, etc.

e) SANS IEC 60598 – Safety of general purpose and fixed luminaries

f) SANS IEC 60950 – Safety of information technology equipment and related equipment, e.g. Computers, printers, copiers, etc.

g) VC8075 – Safety of Electric Cables with Extruded Solid Dielectric Insulation for Fixed Installations (300/500V to 1900/3300V)

h) VC8077 – Safety of Medium-Voltage Electrical Cables

i) VC8043 Safety of Incandescent Lamps

l LOA application procedure

1. Company registration

NRCS registration: Register importers’ detailed material in order to set up reputation mechanism. Re-registration is required if the fundamental material of manufacturer or importer has changed. Non-South-African companies should submit application through South Africa’s local agents.

2. Submission of application material

1) LOA application form

2) Qualified detection reports provided by authorized laboratories. Samples will be required by NRCS to confirm reports’ validity when necessary.

3) Material auditing and evaluation by NRCS.

4) Certificate issuing

3. Certificate’s validity term

The validity term for LOA is 3 years. Reapplication is needed after 3 years.

For detailed information:

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