South Africa ICASA Certification

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1. ICASA introduction

ICASA is short for Independent Communications Authority of South Africa. All wireless communication devices aiming at export into the South Africa market should apply for model certification to ICASA. Only in the condition that the auditing results are qualified can those devices be sold in South Africa. It’s similar with domestic net model approval.

When apply for South Africa ICASA certification, one other thing need to note is that the ICASA certification can only be issued to local registered company or representative institution in South Africa. Therefore, it’s better for domestic manufacturers applying ICASA through local importers, but the test can be conducted in domestic.

2. Relevant laws for South Africa telecommunication


Electronic Communications Act

Postal Act

Broadcasting Act

Independent Broadcasting Authority Act

Telecommunications Act

South Africa Telecoms Regulator Act

3.  ICASA certification procedure

1) Preparation of files needs to be submitted, include application form, detection report, conformity statement and LOA;

2) Make contacts with local South Africa offices;

3) Submit permission application form to ICASA and pay for certification fees;

4) Material auditing by ICASA engineers;

5) Accepted certificate issuing after the auditing has passed.

4.  ICASA certification notes

All the English version detection report (RF, EMC and security) provided by qualified laboratories and files submitted should be in the format of PDF or burn into CD. ICASA does not receive original reports. Its detection requirements over wireless products such as mobile phone are the same with CE certification.


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