U.S. TYRE UTQC Certification

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UTQC stands for Uniform Tyre Quality Grade, regulated by NHTSA of DOT. It is made up of three levels. After submitting of related material application by tyre manufacture and brand holder, NHTSA will carry out conformity test on tyres sold in the U.S. market according to conditions stipulated by American government regulations. The three levels are as follows:

Tread Wear

The tread wear grade points out the tread life difference between the detected tyre with a tyre graded 100. Its scope ranks from 60 to 500 with a 20 progressive increase. However, these tread wear grades are no guarantee of actual tire mileage; differences in driving habits, service practices, climate, and road characteristics will affect a tire's longevity. In order to get to know a tyre’s tread wear grade, a specified test procedure is enough and there is no need for stimulating practical application situations.


Traction grade represents a tyre’s ability to stop on wet pavement, without measurement of acceleration ability. The test is measured under controlled conditions on specified test surfaces of asphalt and concrete. The testing does not represent dry pavement traction, cornering or drainage ability. Traction grades, from highest to lowest, are A, B and C.


The temperature grades, from highest to lowest, are A, B and C. It represents heat dissipation ability under controlled indoor testing conditions. The grade test is a tyre under high-speed operation and its speed increases from 75mph with a 5mph increase each time, the process should last for 30 minutes until the tyre burst. Tyres conform to the lowest performance grade up to C. B and A represent higher performance level compare to DOT’s lowest requirements.

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