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SMARTWAY Certification of EPA is a third-party argumentation held by International authoritative test organization, which conducts professional certification for vehicle accessories such as car and tyre with higher efficiency and more energy conservation. Tyres that pass SMARTWAY certification must match the needs of rolling resistance index established by SMARTWAY in order to improve supply chain fuel efficiency as an effort to reduce fuel consumption, improve air quality and reduce greenhouse gases emission.

SMARTWAY has its own evaluation standards. Vehicles’ synthetic mark should be no less than 12, among which the score in the air pollution part should be at least 5. At the same time, SMARTWAY will rank those with excellent performance in environmental protection area as elite vehicles. Those vehicles’ synthetic mark should be no less than 17 and the score in the air pollution part should be more than 8.

SMARTWAY technical group has already established three technical validation criteria including reducing vehicles idle speed drain-off system, pneumatic equipment and tyre. Truck with SMARTWAY authorized tyres matches the needs of rolling resistance index and will definitely reduce fuel consumption. SMARTWAY authorized tyres can be used in American federal funding programs, SMARTWAY authorized tractor and trailer in which SMARTWAY authorized tyre is required.

So far, SMARTWAY has already regulated rolling resistance target value of tyres in different wheel position and conducted certification for newly assembled tyres of long-distance transportation traction type trailer. Early in 2007, technical group has already determined the maximum rolling resistance value. In order to set certification standards, group members have gathered three tyre manufacturer best-sellers of rolling resistance data of newly-assembled tyres designed specially for long-distance transportation.

Domestic tyre enterprises lag far behind on the application pass rate of SMARTWAY certification in comparison with International advanced tyre enterprises. There are only a few enterprises domestically that have passed the certification. They are, DOUBLE COIN,


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