Uruguay LATU Certification

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LATU is short for Technological Laboratory of Uruguay. After receiving LATU certification application proposed by the applicant, representatives of Uruguay government will carry out quality detection and products auditing procedure as long as two workdays.

During the certification process, authorized officials will first carry out a comprehensive check of the factory applied for certification on the entire production procedure, laboratory standard and detection conditions, quality management. In the meantime, spot check on tyre will be conducted. Besides, officials will pay more heed to equipments and management system of the factory on production procedure and quality consistency such as automobile weighting system and control methods in inner liner, dual compound, finished product bubble machine, field control and chemical laboratory management. So far, factories such as SAILUN, DOUBLESTAR, YONGTAI and HENGYU have already obtained this certification.

RELNO provides global certification for professional tyres. If you want to export your tyre to Uruguay or other countries, welcome calling for advice and we will service you wholeheartedly.

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