U.S. EPA Certification

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The United States Environmental Protection Agency (abbreviated as EPA) was created for the purpose of protecting human health and the environment. The EPA has its headquarters in Washington, D.C. with ten regional offices and dozens of laboratories. The agency has approximately 18,000 employees and half of them are engineers, scientists, and policy analysts. Other groups include legal, public affairs, financial, information and IT technologists.

The EPA holds a leading position on environmental assessment, research, education and evaluation. It has the responsibility of maintaining and enforcing national standards under a variety of existing environmental laws, in consultation with state, tribal, and local governments. It is EPAs duty to make investigation into different kinds of environmental plans and set national standard, at the meantime, issue relevant license on behalf of states and agencies. The agency also works with industries and all levels of government in a wide variety of voluntary pollution prevention programs and energy conservation efforts. The EPA is led directly by president. In more than 30 years’ time since 1970, EPA is working toward the goal of making a cleaner environment for American citizens.

Certification Scope:

1. Power equipments such as gasoline engineer, diesel engineer used in agriculture and industry areas;

2. Lifter and power generator;

3. Equipments used in aviation, sea transportation and military affairs;

4. Highway transportation such as automobile and motorcycle;

5. Treatment facility handling gas and water;

6. Control of drinking water and farm chemical;

EPA certification application material:

1. Codes when applied for certification (authorized clients’ corporation is essential)

2. Linkman be identified by factory

3. Preparation of product material and certification material (authorized clients’ corporation is essential)

4. Submit application material

EPA certification test:

1. Products pre-test

2. Carry out tests on products (authorized clients’ corporation is essential)

3. Official product test

Product material includes product technical material, contacts, model and serial No. of products need to be certificated. Please specify Confidential Material if secrecy is needed.

EPA certification auditing process:

The process should at least require 30 days on auditing the submitted material. As a part of the auditing process, EPA certification will determine whether there is a need for additional information or confirm test.

The process will need a longer time if any problem shows up or need of other materials. In that case, EPA certification party will contact factories’ linkman.

EPA certificated notification:

Notification will be issued if the products conform to EPA certification requirements.

Conforming notification will be issued to applying enterprise once the EPA certification conforms to rules’ requirements. The effective date means when the time the applied products can be introduced to U.S. market. Notification will lose effect on an earlier date of the two following, when the production is over or on 31st, Dec of a specified year. In most cases, the effective date of notification is the same with the issuing date of certificate.

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