PV Products CEC Registration

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CEC registration introduction and registration procedure

CEC is short for Australia Clean Energy Council and was established to provide management and guidance for new and clean energy’s development, at the same time, conduct qualification certification and training for new energy development. Main products involved are, solar PV, solar inverter, wind energy equipment and other new energies.

CEC registration is a necessary condition for new energy products’ entrance into the Australia market. In the meantime, it is an important channel for purchasers to obtain products’ information.

CEC registration procedure:

1. Provide satisfactory products detection report or SAA certificate (solar inverter must gain SAA certificate)

2. On-line registration after a qualified material evaluation

In addition, a third-party’s detection data with relevant qualification is needed when be listed on Australia CEC. This is for the sake of ensuring accessories’ safety and excellent performance during the using process and those data will be used for prospective system performance calculation. All above means European certification is essential before Australia CEC registration.

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