Australia SAA Certification

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Electric products SAA certification introduction

Australia and New Zealand governments have carried out joint legislative compulsory regulations focused on electric products. It is clearly specified that electric products on the announcement catalog must conform to the requirements of AS/NZS standard and can only be permitted to be sold in Australian’s countries such as Australia and New Zealand after certificated by electrical safety department appointed by committee.

Detailed legislative regulations can be obtained from regulator’s website of state government. Electric equipments can be separated into two parts, compulsory certification or optional certification. The main aim of laws enforced in Australia and New Zealand is to ensure before-sale security of electric equipments.

For electric equipments of compulsory certification, before-sale ratification and certification is essential, and at the same time, products should be labeled with ratification certificate No. or conformity identification. It will be considered as an illegal act unless the equipment has finished the first half of above.

For electric equipments of optional certification, there is no need for electric products own security ratification certificate. However, manufacture should ensure equipments’ security (AS/NAS detection report presented by laboratory authorized by Australia). It will be considered as an illegal act unless electric products conform to AS/AZS security standards which are used in security requirements of low-voltage electric equipments.

Standard test and SAA certification were born to make sure the production of electric products conform to laws. Sellers have responsibilities to make sure the security of any electric equipment sold by them. Encouragement should be made to manufacturers and importers in applying for SAA certification for their optional certification products.

SAA certification can only be applied to electric safety but exclude EMC program. Please apply for C-TICK it it’s about EMC test.

SAA certification Procedure

1. Fill in application form

2. Products sample delivering for detection

3. Products improvement (when products were disqualified during the detection)

4. Report issuing

5. Report evaluation

6. Certificate issuing

SAA certification cycle

In general, it will take 1 to 2 weeks. The cycle will be longer if the products fail to reach standards. The cycle does not include products detection time because there will be huge difference in detection time among different products. Please make consultation to verify.

Why choose RELNO for SAA certification?

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Please contact us for more information. SAA certification will be the gold key for your electric products entering into the Australia market.

Sample of SAA certificate

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