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PVoC is an inspection and verification program carried out on goods by Uganda Foreign Trade and Tourism Ministries in the country of export according to Uganda National Standard Bureau Act No. 327 and clearance detection regulations. It was carried out on June, 9th, 2010. Apart from products imported from Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi and Rwanda, all control products should conform to Uganda’s standards or standards and technical regulations verified by Standard Bureau.

Control products: The control span does not include products under prohibited products category and exemption products category. Varieties of control products should go through pre-export verification are as follows:

All second-hand products,

Food and agricultural products.

Chemical household suppliers,

Textile and footwear products,


Children health products,

Electrical and electronic products.

Key elements included in UG-PVoC certification procedure

——Inspection before products’ loading and transportation;

——Conduct detection and evaluation in authorized laboratories;

——Products manufacturing process auditing;

——Files conformity check;

——Auditing between detection report and standard conformity.

Three ways to acquire UG-PVoC certification:

a): Each batch of products’ detection and tests

b): Products registration, detection and limited tests

c): Products acceptance

Evaluation methods: The combination of one or more evaluation methods below should be applied to products detection in order to prove their conformity to standards and technical requirements:

Before-shipment detection, factory auditing, laboratory tests, files auditing.

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