Nigeria CTN Certification

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Introduction of CTNCargo track Note )

Full English name: CARGO TRACKING NOTE

Full Chinese name: import listalso known as the goods tracking number


CTN is a requisite Clearance Certificate when exporting into Nigeria’s market. It is acquired by consigner through application to appointed agent before shipment.

According to the latest announcement of Nigeria government, all import and export goods should provide CTN No. and be marked on the bill of lading with regard to those goods whose shipment date is after Dec, 1st, 2010 (Dec, 1st is included).

A bill of lading should be consistent with a CTN. So does the CTN material;

Consignees will conduct a clearance at the port of destination rely on CTN original and bill of lading;

CTN can be applied to all Nigeria’s ports, such as: LAGOS, APAPA, TINCAN, ONNE, ETC, product certificate and SONCAP Certificate.

The Important Notice:

1. All information boxes in CTN form are mandatory filled.

2. No amendment or mistake is accepted in original CTN form.

3. Shipper will be responsible for bank charges if happen.

4. Any Cargo not covered by the validated CTN constitute is an offence to the regulation in force in Nigeria, and penalties will be systematically applied at destination.

CARGO TRACKING NOTE issue procedure:

1.   Please fulfill FORM and send back.

2.   Please settle all charges above mentioned.

3.   Release CTN No.

4.   Issue original CTN against Bill copy and final confirmed FORM.

For detailed information:

Tel: 0571-28102211; 0571-28102202; 0571-28102203

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Fax: 0571-28102201

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