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UkrSEPRO system was introduced by Ukrainian government in 1993 authorized the power to claim serial products certification. Products conformity is the technical policy basis of Ukrainian government. It was designed for human beings and animals, in the meantime, it belongs to privacy security and environmental protection.

UkrSEPRO system is formulated according to Ukrainian law’s conformity evaluation and products’ quality guaranteed security requirements established by national laws.

Original conformity certificate and certification copy should be presented when conduct customs clearance within Ukrainian’s territory and domestic market sale in Ukrainian. Optional certification products can also apply for certification on the procedures same as voluntary certificate and duty-free file according to Ukrainian laws.

Importers and exporters would also conduct certification for non-voluntary products in order to prove their products can be applied to Ukrainian standards and technical regulations. In other words, UkrSEPRO certificate is a powerful marketing tool in Ukrainian market.

For those products should conduct compulsory certification, their import contracts should be clearly specified that the qualified certificate and qualified mark are essential: products qualified certificate should be presented to customs and served as main documents to acquire permission into Ukrainian market along with products customs declaration form.

UkrSEPR mark will be labeled on certificated products and their packages, at the same time, products registration No. will be labeled below the mark.

UkeSEPRO certification mark

Application range

UkrSEPRP certification system can be applied to most products exported for sale and use into Ukrainian.

Consumer products such as: grains, textile, cosmetics and toys.

Mechanical and electronic products

Industrial equipments used for food, chemical products, oil & gas and construction industry.

Telecommunication products, vehicles and other industrial products

Span of UkrSEPRO certification is much wider than certification of GOST-R. For example, telecommunication products are included in UkrSEPRO certification span but those belong to telecom type ratification rather than GOST-R certification span in Russia.

Certification procedure

UkrSEPRO certification system procedure is jointly monitored by national technical regulations, consumer policy institute, Derzhspozhyv standards and Ukrainian federal clients service.

UkrSEPRO compulsory certificate is issued by Derzhspozhyvstandard certification institute with high credibility.

There are several parts of products technical evaluation contained in UkrSEPRO compulsory certification. They are:

- Technical evaluation certification

- Research and surveillance

- Deliver samples to authorized laboratories and conducting analysis and detection

- Manufacturers’ auditing

- Certification from some quality management departments

Certification departments will conduct auditing on compulsory information and correct translation and providing suggestions on technologies, translation and information about import products.

UkrSEPRO certification scheme: single certification VS batch certification

1. Single certification: the validity term is 1 year and it can only be used for 1 transaction. For example, it is suitable in the condition when there is only one client in Ukrainian and only one batch of products. This is only a contract or file that can demonstrates who is your client.

2. Batch certification: the validity term is between 12 months to 5 years according to products’ categories and certification schemes.

(1) Samples detection is necessary for certificate with 1 year’s validity term and production equipments auditing is not necessary. However, those above can not be applied to other products, such as food and telecommunication.

(2) Samples detection as well as quality evaluation of production line is necessary for certificate with 2 to 3 years’ validity term.

(3) Quality management system definitely should be identified as well as samples detection for certificate with 5 years’ validity term.

Batch compulsory certification can be applied to formal import companies and manufactures with wide production range. This kind of certificate can guarantee no limitation on products exporting within validity term.

Batch certificate can only be issued to manufacturers.

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