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Russia GOST compulsory certification introduction

Since the Russian federal law, Products and Certification Services Law was issued in 1995, products compulsory certification system has been carried out in Russia. The original dozens of products need to be assembled with safety certification have also expanded to thousands of products. Products should provide certification permission system when being launched and the compulsory certification mark is necessary for domestic products.

In recent years, Russia has gradually strengthened its compulsory certification management on import products and expanded the span of products compulsory certification to customs. According to the 14th regulation in the Products and Certification Service Law, it is clearly specified that qualified certificate and mark should be indicated on the contract of products which need compulsory certification according to Russia federal law and products qualified certificate should be presented to customs along with products customs declaration form which will be served as the permission into the Russia federal territory as main documents.

Compulsory certification products span regulated by Russia government: two announcements on products list which need compulsory certification entering into the Russia federal territory were issued respectively in 1996 and 1999. Products included are: food, household appliances, electronic products, light industrial products, cosmetics, furniture, toys and ceramics. Comparing to domestic products exported to Russia, the conclusion can be easily drawn that most products are in the span of compulsory certification, animal products should provide animal plytosanity certificate and food should be assembled with sanitary certificate.

Meaning of foreign products acquiring Russia standard compulsory certification: according to Russia laws, products in compulsory certification span, regardless of its production place in Russia or other countries, should pass certification and acquire GOST qualified certificate, which can be separated into two kinds. One is GOST-R certificate, which can only be applied to a particular batch but there is no authorized laboratory in China, therefore, it can not be issued in China. The other is GOST-TR, which is very suitable for Chinese enterprises. Under this condition, products can be exported into the Russia market in 3 years as long as factory check is qualified.

It will be very inconvenient for export enterprises conducting certificate with non-certificated products arriving in Russia at first. Custom detection fees and warehouse storage fees would probably more than this trades profits, at the same time, time-consuming. What is worse, products are not allowed being launched without GOST certificate.

For enterprises with GOST certificate acquired, first, products can be launched directly. Commission sale or direct sale can be achieved after acquisition of GOST certificate and sanitary certificate. Second, certificate problem can be solved for 3 years. Once the certification is done, the certificate copy can be served as an effective identification for exporting and launching of every exporting batch in 3 years. Last, products are allowed to use Russia compulsory certification mark. It can help to improve products’ values and present reputation guarantee for enterprises’ market expanding in Russia.

GOST certification Products

1. Which kinds of products should pass certification?

Nowadays, the products certification system implemented in Russia is on the basis of current labor protection act and consumers’ rights and interests safeguarding law. Its purpose is to protect human health and environmental protection from being damaged by products. On the possible damages products may have on consumers, Russia national standard committee has formulated a products’ list indicated clearly the products span of compulsory certification as well as voluntary.

Many kinds are involved in compulsory list, such as food, tobaccos, cosmetics, perfumes, personal hygiene products, medical apparatus, medicines, clothes and shoes, household products and electric products, furniture, toys, audio-visual products, telecommunication products, tools, transportation facilities, gasoline, chemical mechanical products.

According to Russia laws, any product in the compulsory list should pass certification and acquire GOST certificate regardless of its production place in Russia or in other countries. For most export products, they can not be launched into the market or even pass customs without GOST certificates.

Certification procedure for Russian products: manufacturers choose a corresponding Russia certification institute and conduct all steps of qualified certificate acquisition. As for importers, it will be inconvenient. They should deliver samples to Russia conducting special customs permission procedure, looking for corresponding certification institute and pay certification fees through Russian bank.

In order to solve this problem, Russia national standard committee has designated international certification and detection office conducting certification and issuing GOST qualified certificate before shipment.

Therefore, GOST qualified certificate can also be acquired in Taiwan, mainland China and Hong Kong. This certificate is definitely qualified in conducting customs permitting and market launching.

2. Exporters should obtain GOST qualified certificate

Exporters pay special attention to GOST obtaining because it is essential in conducting customs permission procedure and products being launched into the Russia market. However, it is usually importers conduct GOST certification. They think conduct certification after products arriving in Russia is very inconvenient. During the certification process, products have to stay in customs warehouse and the storage fees will more than profits if the detection time is too long.

Secondly, It will be more money saving if importers obtain certificate themselves. With an increase of all countries total export volume to Russia, more and more enterprises want to take root in the Russia market. These exporters are wiling to conduct GOST certification in order to clear every obstacle in their exporting. GOST qualified certificate is not only a Russian customs permitting condition but also will benefit their companies in expanding the Russian market.

Many foreign companies would emphasize their products have passed necessary certifications when making products introduction on Russian social media or exhibitions. This is because authorized products will be given priority for Russian importers have plenty of choices. This will lead their guarantee of the products regulated safety requirements before contract-signing in order to ensure products successful customs permitting and selling in the future. It is always a big obstacle in contracts signing with products without relevant certification.

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