EU ADR Certification

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ADR is a European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road which was taken into effect on Jan, 1st, 2007.

The establishment of ADR Agreement ensures that there is a common technical demand for oil tank using among all EU member states. ADR also applies to national transportation. What calls for special attention is that the certification institute is designated by this country’s proprietary office. For example, oil tank transportation is designated by vehicle registered country and dangerous goods transportation belongs to national management office.

So far, there is no bilateral agreement can guarantee a certificate issued by one country’s designated institute will definitely be accepted by another country.

Requirements in ADR Agreement attachment also should be paid attention. Size, weight, axle load and brake system related to vehicles may differentiate from each country’s regulations. ADR certificated can only be issued when the requirements of registered country are matched.

Technical documentation:

(a)  The list of standards used for the design and manufacture;

(b)  A description of the type including all variations;

(c)  The instructions according to the relevant column of table A of Chapter 3.2, or a list of dangerous goods to be transported for dedicated products;

(d)  A general assembly drawing or drawings;

(e)  The detailed drawings, including the dimensions used for the calculations, of the product, the service equipment, the structural equipment, the marking and/or the labeling necessary to verify the conformity;

(f) The calculation notes, results and conclusions;

(g) The list of the service equipment with the relevant technical data and information on the safety devices including the calculation of the relief capacity if relevant;

(h) The list of material requested in the standard for manufacture used for every part, subpart, lining, service and structural equipment and the corresponding material specifications or the corresponding declaration of conformity to ADR;

(i)  The approved qualification of permanent joining process;

(j)  The description of the heat treatment process(es);

(k)  The procedures, descriptions and records of all relevant tests listed in the standards or ADR for the type approval and for the manufacture;

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