Indonesia product certification--Tyre

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1. Background

Indonesia implement the national standard certification (Standard National Indonesia/SNI) regulation from Sep.7, 2007 , and the regulation apply to all of the domestic and imported products within the regulation scope, the products without the national standard certification(Standard National Indonesia/SNI) can not for sale in Indonesia. And the products already sale in the market but without the certificate would be forced sold out. The foreign trade director of Indonesia commerce department Diah Maulida said to the journalist on August 21 that the products within the Standard National Indonesia/SNI regulation including: Some manure/compact fluorescent lamp/Flour/tyre/some electrical appliances/ Automotive safety glass and some cement product etc. this regulation has already proposed to the WTO, Therefore, can not constitute a non-tariff barriers. Indonesia commerce department stipulated that all the 34 imported products in the mandatory requirement list shall attach the related product registration certificate and number which issued by Indonesia commerce department, the registration certificate and number only issue the manufacturers that recognized by Standard National Indonesia/SNI. The valid period of product registration number is three years, and the importers shall mark the product registration number on the related product package. The local product SNI application fees about $1700, oversea product SNI application fees more expensive reach about $11000.

Indonesia national certification authority issues the SNI certificate for the products conform to the following inspection:

1if the product quality meet the SNI requirement.

2Require the manufacturers provide many documents(including corporate juridical person copy ,business license, trademark registration certificate, organizational chart, ISO9001:2000 copy, factory production flow chart, and many forms need to fill up)

3Audit the implementation of QMS SNI 19 9001 2001ISO 9001—2000 and revision. The SNI auditor will come to factory for the inspection.

4Periodical inspect the conformity and audit quality management system(QMS) of the product quality.  The quality management system (QMS) inspection and audit could subcontract to the KAN recognized testing lab and QMS certification authorities in Indonesia.

Cost---one serial cost about RMB 85000 to 90000

Specific projects include: document audit fee, on site inspection fee, auditor transportation fee, accommodation fee and data arrangement fee…

Certificate validity

The valid period of certificate is three years with the factory audit each year.


TB- Trucks, buses

- Four same largest specifications tyres for import and in the same production lines

- Four largest export same specification tyres

LT- light-van

- Four same imported largest specifications tyres in the same production lines

- Four largest export same specification tyres

PC- Passenger car

- Six same specifications tyres with the largest speed value.

- Six largest export same specification tyres

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